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“Had the chef’s taster pizza with a friend. Loved it. Will be back for more soon!”

Simon, Swindon

“I literally visited this pizza place once a week with my best friend to have dinner here. The cornmeal crust is just heavenly”

Sabah, Ontario, Canada

Went to Otto last night and had a fabulous time. We enjoyed our toppings of pesto, cashew cheese and the special of the day. The walnut and blue cheese salad was wonderful.

Meena, London

Just to say thank you for the most delicious Birthday Party grub. What a picnic. Carry on Otto!

Michael, Lincoln

“Fantastic pizza! We had 4 different kinds and they were all amazing. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Darcie, London

“Awesome. Stumbled across the place by coincidence and had one slice and a Blue Moon (beer). It was really lovely and on the list for next London visit!”

Svend, Cambridge

“Aubergine and tofu sounds great – can’t wait to try it when I’m next in London.”

Liz, Warwick

“Simply the best pizza I’ve tasted.”

Ben, Sheffield

“Ordered a taster pizza last night – amazing taste and super filling.”

Lesley, London

“Delicious! Had one slice to take away and if I wasn’t on the bus I would have licked the grease proof paper, it was so good.”

Martha, Ladbroke Grove

“The walnut and blue cheese salad came promptly, mounded high and nicely dressed, if a little tangy. But the pizza was the biggest surprise: each pie-like slice had a springy base and a textured, crunchy crust. Pesto and ricotta was moreish, sausage and fennel was rich but interesting, and olive tapenade was nicely salty, as tapenade always is, but delicious.”

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“Otto’s also chosen to use a few offbeat toppings. We’re not sure the pizza purists would approve, but we enjoyed our toppings of vegan ‘cashew cheese’, and the roasted aubergine with blue cheese.”

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Young and Foodish

“Otto’s cornmeal (polenta) crusts are much richer and their layer of toppings thicker and denser than those of traditional, flour-based Italian pizza”

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I am a Feeder

“My friends and I wander home, talking animatedly about Otto. I’m amazed that they’ve changed my view of pizza (I’ve only ever vaguely liked one pizza before this point) – I’m actually looking forward to coming back again”

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Miss Eco Glam

“Friday and Saturday nights are already a great success, often being booked out and I know why! These pizzas are just out of this world!”

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Gourmet Traveller

“The Balsamic Red Onions and Sweetcorn slice (sticky caramelised onions, fresh corn kernels, smoked mozzarella and chives) was also lovely, with the sweet corn kernels played off the cornmeal crust nicely!”

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Laissez Faire

“I really enjoyed tasting a new type of pizza and thought the crust was excellent for what it was, although I had no basis for comparison. The meats and produce used in the toppings were of high quality and were all very fresh”

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Gourmet Chick

“There were a few small touches at Otto that I really appreciated and which deserve special mention. The carafe of water that was brought unasked to our table when we sat down, the exclusion of a compulsory/‘optional’ service charge from the bill and the willingness to wrap up our leftover pizza for us to take home”

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London Relocation

Relocation London Gluten Free Pizza

“The flavor just bursts over your buds at first bite…I’m already looking forward to when I can return to sample their creative range of fresh toppings, which are that much easier to mix-n-match when the pizzas are sold by the slice as well as by the whole or half.”

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The Whimsy Papers

The Whimsy Papers - Otto London Restaurant Review

“The cornmeal crust added both texture and flavour. In addition, its robustness allowed for a greater depth of filling, making it more akin perhaps to a pizza-pie. Pizza purists will no doubt at this point be squawking with horror at such heresy, but if you are willing to temporarily abandon preconceptions about ‘proper’ pizza, Otto will not let you down.”

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