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Some more details on our Made Without Gluten base

Details on Gluten Free Pizza in London

We’ve been getting lots of enquiries about our made-without-gluten (a.k.a. gluten free pizza) so we thought we would share some answers to frequently asked questions about this menu item.

Unfortunately we cannot sell this pizza as “gluten free”. The official definition in the UK is a maximum of 2 parts in every million that can be gluten in a “gluten free” product. Whilst there is no gluten or wheat used in the recipe for this pizza crust, we simply cannot guarantee there is less than 2 parts in a million.

We thought we should take a moment to explain all of the steps we take to reduce the risks of cross-contamination:

  • We wash all our implements throroughly between all recipes (including when making our made-without-gluten dough)
  • All of our staff wash their hands regularly throughout the day
  • We make our made-without-gluten dough at a different time of the day to our main dough (in case wheat flour is in the air)
  • We cook our made-without-gluten crusts in the same pans as our normal crusts, but we wash any pan immediately before we use it for a GF crust
  • We cook and serve made-without-gluten pizzas separately to our main pizzas
  • We cut our made-without-gluten pizzas using a different knife and serve them in the pan they were cooked in.

Despite all of this we still can’t promise this pizza will be “gluten free”. We train our 4 chefs throughly on all of the above, but we can’t guarantee someone won’t make a mistake, or something won’t be cross-contaminated.

We would love to have space for a second kitchen, second oven and second prep-table but unfortunately we don’t. Since we started selling the made-without-gluten base in December 2010 we’ve not had any negative complaints/reactions from customers. But unfortunately we can’t promise/commit to the base as “gluten free” because there is still some risk of cross-contamination despite all of our efforts.

We have a great range of salads in addition to our pizzas which are all gluten-free. We will also be adding wheat free beer to our menu in the Spring.

Hopefully this helps those of you out there who have specific dietary requirements.


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