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New Artwork from Stacey Williamson

New art at Otto 2Day of the DeadSea the Stars

There are two new pieces of artwork in Otto from local artist Stacey Williamson, of Two for Joy Art.

Believe it or not these are paper cuts. Very, very intricate and requiring immense skill and attention-to-detail. The two pieces are entitled “Day of the Dead” and “From the Sea to the Stars”.

Stacey was inspired by the Aztec Sun God calender and The Day of The Dead in Mexico. Sweetcorn, which is at the core of our pizza bases, takes its roots
from the Aztecs, so it was an appropriate inspiration for the work.

The second piece ‘From the Sea to the Stars’ took inspiration from Nomad culture.
Stacey depicts happy-go-lucky style characters who wander the world “spreading a little joy and star dust”.

Stacey has an online gallery, shop and also takes on commission work if you’d like your own special piece of work. More details over on Stacey’s website –

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